Business Owners Need More Than SPF Coverage in Summer

For some business owners, seasonal changes mean significant business changes. Have you considered what summer means for your company, aside from sunny, warm days? Does your business have the appropriate insurance for the coming season? Consider the following factors as you evaluate your summer insurance needs:

Increased workload: If your company is heavily seasonal, such as landscaping or construction, your workload is likely much higher in the summer. Do you hire extra employees during this time? Ensure your workers’ compensation policy is adequate. Do you purchase or lease additional equipment? Verify that this additional equipment is covered, and check any limits on your policies.

Increased driving: Summertime may mean more driving time. Check commercial auto insurance policies to ensure you have proper coverage for every vehicle and driver. It’s important to keep in mind that coverage for the vehicles is different from the coverage for employees.

Increased time off: Summer is also prime vacation time. While regular employees are away, you may hire temporary staff to keep things running smoothly. Check whether your commercial policies provide appropriate workers’ compensation for temporary staff, as well as whether you’ll incur any additional liability.

It may be necessary to get extra riders on your commercial policies to carry you through the summer season. Or you may need to rethink your yearly coverage. Contact my office to review your policies and determine if your current coverage meets your summer business needs.


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