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Be Safe, Not Sorry with Separate Motorcycle Coverage

Riding motorcycles is an American tradition. Whether you choose a dirt bike or a street bike that requires liability insurance, you must still consider the cost of replacing it if it’s damaged or stolen. A separate motorcycle policy offers greater flexibility in coverage limits and can provide bike owners with peace of mind.

Many insurance companies offer stand-alone motorcycle insurance policies with broad coverage. For example, most bike riders buy bike-related accessories – gloves, saddlebags, jackets or even a sidecar. A personal auto policy was not designed with motorcycles in mind, so the bike rider wouldn’t be covered for accessory losses under their auto policy, but they would be with a stand-alone motorcycle policy.

Insurance policies have terms defined for risks that are applicable in the event of a loss. Typical motorcycle losses include “off road” events, and these are best defined under a motorcycle policy.

When deciding whether to purchase stand-alone coverage for an off-road vehicle or a motorcycle, consider an important exclusion found in standard auto policies: The auto policy won’t cover any vehicle that has fewer than four wheels or is designed for off-road use.

Also, there is no liability coverage under your homeowner’s policy if your motorcycle or dirt bike must be registered to be ridden legally. And be aware that families have significant liability exposure arising out of children’s use of dirt bikes or motorcycles.

You’re always safer purchasing a separate motorcycle or recreational vehicle policy rather than risking an uninsured loss. Coverage is inexpensive and easy to obtain.