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“I have always stressed that insurance is an investment and should be approached and thought out just as you would any other investment.  Insurance is not a commodity.  Anyone can save you 15% on your refrigerator by leaving out the icemaker or 15% on your new automobile by not including air conditioning. People can get by without having an icemaker or the air conditioning.  This is not so with insurance.  Omitting a given coverage or endorsement can be costly and life altering.  Consider all of the homeless victims who thought they were covered with flood protection.  My mission is to match your needs and risks with the proper protection while offering the lowest possible premium.  As an independent agent and broker, if there is a product that you need, I will find it.  If there is no market for a certain risk, I will create one utilizing world wide markets. I will save you premium dollars on your investment; you will have the proper protection. My job is to represent you and to educate the carriers about your particular risks.”

                                                                                    Ed Stracar, CPCU


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